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Making a Camping List is the Best Way to Stay Organised

Posted by [email protected] on June 5, 2016 at 5:15 PM

Some people might think that any individual who makes a camping checklist is excessively well organised and somewhat obsessive compulsive. It is the kind of person who scorns the idea of writing a camping checklist that is prone to forgetting an item so vital to their trip that they have to cut it short. If for example, you took a lot of cans of food with you on your trip but forgot to ping a can opener you would soon begin to feel hungry. If you were also camping at a location situated several miles from the nearest convenience store, then you would obviously have a problem. A camping checklist helps you to avoid this kind predicament so that your vacation is not ruined.


What To Include


When you are deciding what items to include on your camping checklist, you need to think about what kind of vacation you are going on. An RV camping checklist will not be the same as the one you would write if you were staying in a tent since you will need to ping different equipment. A great deal depends on where you are going too. Your camping checklist will need to include more items and be very thorough if your destination is far away from civilisation somewhere in the American wilderness. However, if your destination is a rural area just five miles away from a small town you will probably be able to purchase any forgotten items during your trip.


Don’t Leave It Until The Last Minute


If you wait until a day or two before your trip to make your camping checklist you increase your chances of forgetting something or running into problems. Write your camping checklist a few weeks before your trip so you will have time to make sure you have everything you might need. This will make preparing for your trip much less stressful because you won’t end up running around like a headless chicken trying to find a new sleeping bag or stove twelve hours before you are due to set off.


Enjoy Your Trip


The best reason to make a camping checklist is to make your trip enjoyable and hassle free. Most people work hard all year and therefore deserve a vacation that does not include stress and unexpected problems. A camping checklist will help you to make sure your holiday runs smoothly so that the memories you make a wholly positive. When you have everything you might need for your camping, trips are great fun. If you forget something important, this type of vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare.

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