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Propane Gas Stoves are Boss!

Posted by [email protected] on June 2, 2016 at 7:30 PM

Propane camp stoves are well suited for outdoor cooking and in fact, a vast majority of campers prefer this kind of camp stove over others – mainly on account of the greater convenience as well as better ease of using this particular type of camp stove. A propane camp stove does not require that you pour any fuels, prime the stove and it only requires attaching the fuel cylinder to the propane camp stove after which you are then ready to start cooking.


Reliability Is A Big Plus


It is advisable that you check out the Coleman propane camp stove that works on pressures of fifteen pounds per square inch which is sufficient to get the required steady output from the contents of the cylinder. The main benefit to using a propane camp stove is of course that it is very reliable though on the flipside the downside to using a propane camp stove is that it is not very efficient when used in sub-freezing temperatures which are when liquid fuels can provide better service.


When a propane camp stove is used in freezing climate it can, on account of reduced pressure inside the cylinder cause a reduction in output. Also, another downside to using a propane camp stove is that propane in a full cylinder will weigh you down while carrying it as it will weigh approximately two to three pounds which means that it won’t be light by any standards.


The third downside to using a propane camp stove is that it is also quite an expensive item of camping equipment. The only time when you will enjoy using a propane camp stove is when you plan on camping or staying at a single place for a week or a few days as then your investment in refillable bulk tanks will help in reducing the overall cost of propane.


It is safe to conclude therefore that a propane camp stove is very convenient, and it is also readily available though it is costly, and not all that light in weight and of course, performance in very cold conditions will be less than totally satisfactory.


A butane camp stove is another good option that many campers will do well to check out. The only thing that can be said about this kind of camp stoves is many of the products that are being sold on the market today have not passed quality assurance tests, and so you will be buying these products without being hundred percent sure that your stove will, in fact, prove to be effective when used.


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